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Avian Reproduction: Structure, Function and Molecular Regulation

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Szerző(k), szerkesztő(k): Peter Péczely
Kiadó: Agroinform Kiadó
Oldalszám: 328
Méret: 168×238 mm

Until recently a complex overwiew of the biology of reproduction in birds was lacking in scientific literature. Therefore in March of 2014, a hungarian book of Avian Reproductive Biology /Madár Szaporodásbiológia/, written by Peter Péczely was published by the „Agroinform Publishing and Printing House” Ltd. Budapest. Now, the revised text of the hungarian edition is published in english, in a two volume book.

My english published book contains two main parts, in two separate volumes.

The first volume presents the structure, function and molecular regulation of the reproductive process. It deals with the molecular biology of sex determination and sexual differentiation, with the functional anatomy of the avian ovary, development of ova and the function of oviduct and the development of the egg, and the molecular and hormonal relationship of the calcium metabolism of female birds. It highlights the male gonad, gonoductus and the production of sperm cell, in addition with the presentation of the physiology and the molecular events of fertilization. Finally, the relative large body of data traverses the questions of regulation of gonadal functions at the level of the neuroendocrine hypothalamo-adenohypophyseal system, and also at the level of the gonadal endocrine functions.




1. Sex determination and sexual differentiation
1.1.Genom and sex chromosomes
1.2. Sex determination and the indifferent stage of embryonal development of gonads 1.3. Differentiation of the ovary
1.4. Differentiation of the testis
1.5. Embryonal development of the Wolffian duct, epididymis and ductus defferens 1.6. Embryonal development of the Müllerian duct and oviduct
1.7. Development of sexual dimorphism of the brain
2. Reproductive organs of female bird
2.1. The Ovary
2.1.1. Postembryonal development of ovary Prepubertal period Puberty /maturation/
2.1.2. Structure of mature ovary
2.1.3. Follicular atresia
2.1.4. Biosynthese of ovarian steroids
2.1.5. Transport, receptor binding, peripheral effects and catabolism of ovarian steroid
hormones in the female
2.1.6. Mechanism of ovulation and its hormonal regulation
2.2. Oviduct
2.2.1. Postembryonal development of oviduct Prepubertal period Puberty /maturation/ Structure of mature oviduct and formation of the egg
2.3. Structure of the egg and its content
2.4. Development of calcium metabolism in female birds during the egg-shell formation
3. Reproductive organs of male bird
3.1. The testis
3.1.1. Postembryonal development of testis Prepubertal period Puberty /maturation/
3.1.2. Structure of mature testis and its spermatogenetic function
3.1.3. Biosynthese of testicular steroid hormons and their peripheral effects
3.2. The seminal duct system, copulatory structures, the avian semen
3.2.1. Epididymis
3.2.2. Ductus defferens
3.2.3. Copulatory organs
3.2.4. Avian semen: assisted reproductive technics
4. Fertilization
4.1. Sperm storage and sperm-selection in the oviduct
4.2. Capacitation of avian sperm cell and the acrosome reaction
4.3. Penetration of sperm cell into egg, development of pronuclei and the nuclear fusion
5. Neuroendocrine regulation of reproductive processes
5.1. Sructure of hypothalamo-hypophyseal system
5.2. Neuroendocrine systems of hypothalamus
5.2.1. Neuropeptides
5.2.2. Hypothalamic adenohypophysis hormons
5.2.3. Biogen amins
5.2.4. Steroid hormones and receptors
5.3. Regulatory brain centers of avian song
5.4. Hypothalamic regulation of gonadotrop function
5.4.1. Gonadotropin releasing hormones
5.4.2. Gonadotropin inhibiting hormone
5.5. Hypothalamic regulation of prolactin production
5.6. Avian lymbic system and the relationship with the neuroendocrine regulation
5.7. Hypothalamo-hypophyseal portal circulation
5.8. Gonadotropic function of the adenohypophysis
5.9. Prolactin production of the adenohypophysis, physiological role of prolactin in birds
5.10. The role of inhibin – activin system in the regulation of avian gonadal function


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